Become the top-tier exploration company unearthing major discoveries in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle, one of the world’s richest mineral districts.

To discover world class mineral deposits, creating a portfolio of assets which stands above its industry peers.

Employ progressive, innovative strategies and cutting edge technology to generate the best possible value in exploration and business development. This approach is expected to utilize investors’ money in the most responsible and effective way, ensuring value through world-class discovery.

Our commitment is to our shareholders, to share the risks and rewards in our search for world-class mineral deposits. Management, insiders, strategic partners and family and friends hold over a quarter of the outstanding shares in this Company, aligning directly with our investors’ interests and objectives.

By combining our progressive, entrepreneurial approach, an experienced team with proven track records and the guidance of an industry-proven board, we believe we have the ideal team, project, and strategy to realize our vision.